5. Abuse

During the early 2000 a small cinema complex near my suburb had a special week of showing films regarding animal abuse.  Much of what was shown was hard to look at:what actually takes place in slaughter houses; the abuse on chicken farms; the abuse that the sacred cows in India suffer and the absolute horrendous treatment of Bears in East Europe and especially in China where bears were kept in cages to ‘milk’ their gall bladders.  The cages were so confining that they could not move or even turn around. Many of them literally went insane. A petite American woman was able to establish a farm there and rescue a couple of these brown bears.  Walking down Snake Alley in Taipei was like walking through some hellish dark place with wild animals of all kinds. Similarly in cages that they could not even stretch out in.  Then there are also the horrors of the science laboratories and the suffering that animals undergo there.  Keith Mann of the Animal Liberation Front in UK was in 1994 sent to prison for eleven years for his involvement in raiding fur farms and releasing animals from laboratories.

I am convinced that if people knew what animals actually suffer before their meat land on their plates, more people will be vegetarians.  I needed no convincing.  I had been a vegetarian for many years already

In 2007 I attendant a conference in Jerusalem where every speaker notwithstanding his topic mentioned the creeping danger and stealth infiltration of Islam in the West. They maintained that Europe will be Muslim within the next 20 to 50 years. That raised an eyebrow! More than 10 years before that I heard it said that Islam is the fastest growing faith in South Africa.  At that time I had been reading many books written mainly by women regarding their life under Islam as well as the chilling story of three generations of women living under the Communist revolution in China.

But I could not for long produce work covering these issues.  It pulled my spirit down and was like a grey dull presence in my studio.  The following pictures are examples of the work I created.

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